6″ Lono – god of peace, goodluck and happiness

-God of peace, happy, and goodluck
-Represent family strength and good health
-The Makahiki festival is held in his honor between Oct and Feb. The festival consists of games and sports.

Design meaning:
The spearhead design positions in the middle of the design represent courage and fighting spirit as a warrior.
The hibiscus flower represent the spirit of Aloha.

Size: 6 inches tall
Made of monkeypod wood that is growed and carved in Hawaii

***Please note: Most of the tiki carvings are consistent but NOT the wood color because after the wood is cut, none of the wood color/grain looks the same. Some may look darker, some might look lighter or some of them even have some checks. However, they all contribute to the original part of the piece and we often treat them look as best as possible.

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